Welcome to Frydays

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Looking for Quality Fish and Chips in South Shields?

FRYDAYS is a family run fish and chips restaurant & take away in the heart of South Shields. The food is excellent and the restaurant is comfortable.

FRYDAYS is located just past underneath the last metro bridge in shields town centre facing the general post office.
We cater for all ages. Come along and you will find something you love.


At FRYDAY’S Fish Bar and Grill you will find the fresh fish fried in homemade batter accompanied by the best British potato chips. We only cut our chips from Maris Piper potatoes. We fry our ingredients in Palm vegetable oil only, which is low in trans-fats delivering delicious non-greasy fish & chips.


At Frydays in South Shields we are proud of what we do and provide fantastic food and good quality service at our Restaurant and Takeaway in South Shields.  To book a table or order a takeaway please call 0191 456 3873